1.1 A paradise on the eastern coast

Ruled by French and later governed by the government of India the city of Pondicherry is famous for its serenity, breathtaking views and a classic blend of Tamil and French culture. Situated on the eastern coast of India this mini french city is a fusion of ashram, temples, churches, and beaches.

My journey to this city started with a month-long preparation, I decided to take the mode of transport which is the bloodline of this country. The 33-hour long journey made me meet new people from various backgrounds. I shared my compartment with a 60-year-old lady whose husband and their son went missing for almost a decade. A mother who was going to visit her son who is studying in a different state and in the midst of a different language. A teen girl and her mother who settled in the south with their entire family and a physicist who agreed that not entirely but they are a tad like the famous Sheldon Cooper.

33 hours or 1640kms, I saw the massive engine pulling us from one coast of our country to another. And when you get a window seat for 33 long hours, you get to see the mountainous ranges of Sahyadri getting converted into the fertile landscape of Karnataka. And with the soothing wind of Belgum the land transforms itself into a vast patch of gigantic coconut trees. 
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